Our Six Barossa Vineyards

Irvine’s six vineyards span over 400 acres of the most prestigious Barossa and Eden Valley vineyards. These prime regions are home to some of the world’s oldest and finest Merlot, Shiraz and Riesling plantings.

In addition to Haslemere and Brian’s Block, the vineyards include Casey’s Vineyard in Craneford, Ben’s Block in Penrice, Ruth’s Block in Ebenezer, and the original Irvine Vineyard, home of the Grand Merlot, in Eden Valley.


Grand Merlot Block

Planted in 1983, the Grand Merlot block consists of sandy loam over a substrata of gravel for optimal drainage. We believe this unique soil profile is critical for growing premium Merlot.

These sites purposely face East/West and North to catch the warm sun late in the season when the days are very short - enabling this beautiful Merlot to achieve perfect ripeness before harvesting. There are also seven different clones of Merlot planted on this site, allowing us to experiment and innovate with every new season.

Location: Eden Valley
Soil profile: Sandy loam over the substrata of gravel
Size: 23 Acres
Varieties: Merlot, Pinot Gris, Primitivo (Zinfandel), Petit Meslier, Chardonnay and Tannat

Ben's Block

This block of land was purchased by Brian Miles (father of Peter Miles) in 1969. On this vineyard is a portion of rare and wonderful 120 year old Shiraz vines.

The red clay soils lend weight and depth to the wine, whilst the age of the vines gives a complex and intense fruit profile.

Location: Penrice
Soil profile: Red sandy loam over red clay
Size: 21 Acres
Varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon

Brian's Block

In 1867, the first Shiraz plantings were done by Henry Winter Miles. Now owned and worked by the fourth generation of the Miles family, this vineyard with its 150 year old vines shows the true commitment of the Miles family within the Barossa community.

One hundred years after those first Shiraz plantings, in 1967, the late Brian Miles, grandson of Henry Winter Miles and father of Peter Miles, planted more Shiraz vines and also added Semillon and Riesling vines. This block is named in his honour.

Location: Angaston
Soil profile: Deep loam over clay
Size: 11 Acres
Varieties: Shiraz, Semillon, Riesling

Casey's Block

This bare property was purchased by Brian and Ruth Miles in 1980. Brian and Peter then planted Riesling which goes not only towards our fabulous Spring Hill Riesling, but is the fruit used for the acclaimed ‘Mesh’ Riesling.

In 1986, Cabernet Sauvignon was planted along with Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and further Riesling vines.

Location: Craneford
Soil profile: Soil-sandy loam over clay
Size: 67 Acres
Varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon

Ruth's Block

Ebenezer has a unique soil profile. The well-drained shallow sandy red clay loam sits over red and yellow clay with a solid limestone pan. This soil, in conjunction with the slightly warmer temperatures of the Barossa Valley floor, delivers fruit of incredible richness and power, without being overwhelming. This block is named for the late Ruth Miles – mother of Peter Miles and wife of Brian Miles.

Location: Ebenezer
Soil profile: Well-drained shallow sandy red clay loam over red and yellow clay with a solid limestone pan
Size: 91 Acres
Variety: Shiraz, Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet

Haslemere & Spring Gully Block

Planted in 1993 by two legends of the Barossa, Brian Miles and Robert Wade, these vineyards are a truly exceptional holding. The granitic soil makes the vines work that little bit harder for their nutrients and water. The end result shows in our wines which express delicate aromatics, elegance in structure and a fine finish.

Location: Eden Valley
Soil profile: Sandy loam studded with quartz and ironstone on a clay base
Size: 170 Acres
Varieties: Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Gris