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Rosé, it is the new pink - musings from Beck

Rosé, it is the new pink - musings from Beck

I will admit it, I am a rosé lover from way back.

There is something about the versatility of a rosé that leaves many other styles for dead. From dry, crisp and zingy through to rich, luscious and mouth-watering, you can now find a wine for all occasions.

I think I may be boring my friends with my rosé passion as I am regularly showing up with new and interesting rosés, often to the detriment of arriving with any other wine. I may start my own mini “let’s try every rosé on the planet trend” – and who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

After all, there is so much exciting stuff going on in this area. Not just the typical rosés from yesteryear made almost like a red wine, only lighter and sweeter.

No, the new generation of rosés bounce out of the glass, tantalising your tastebuds and smashing the long-held view that rosé is a one dimensional summer wine.

At Irvine Wines we are so fortunate to have the only vineyard in Eden Valley growing the Primitivo variety. So in 2017 we decided to try it out as a Rosé. To say we were happy with the result would be an understatement. It exceeded all expectations delivering a nose of fresh summer strawberries and cream but then surprising us with its depth on the palate, given it is a dry style.

Matching well with a range of foods we love it with a cured smoked ocean trout, horseradish avocado, sour cream and rye crumble. The crunchy oily texture of the fish is a good juxtaposition to the fresh minerality of the wine. Primitivo is subtle enough not to overwhelm the delicacy of the fish and the creamy avocado matches well with zingy watermelon notes of the wine.

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